Food is love. Food has stories. Food is the core of your soul.

Food, whether prepared at home or dining out, has the power to change a mood on the spot. In this book, Valter asks you to stop depending on the recipe and open your artistic talents to food’s magical, creative life-force. Explore your own food creations while you change your thinking about cooking. Cooking is a gift for yourself and your family. Make those hours of preparation the center of life. Do not separate life’s lessons from food. Bring the family back to the table. The RESULT? Four words: love, passion, laughter, joy.

That is the magic of the table and the power of food.

In his own words: “If you are adventurous and want to explore personalized Italian food more than typical dishes, you will find your own spiritual journey in my philosophy of food and advice to you. Yes, it is a book of my culinary life, but it is also a message to the people about food and how to start cooking with your soul (through your nose) instead of following a complicated recipe. Of course you will find the possibility to criticize a particularity of my culinary repertoire, but I hope as you read this story, you will find a way to say “I see what you mean. I want to try too.” So what is this book’s message? What does a book about food and a dream need to tell people? What does a cooking book mean for you? For me, a recipe book does not mean two pounds of flour, one pound of meat, a dash of salt. Food is not about the recipe.  It is about the spontaneity in the kitchen and at the table. The meaning in my book is to put people together around one table to discuss life, politics, business, the arts, family, and enjoy the pleasure that food allows. Food is not about the recipe because food is always attached to the table and the table is always the place for gathering stories. For me, to tell you about the recipe is easy because it always comes from a story. That is the reason for cooking. That is the real truth of the recipe.”  — Valter Nassi